Our Vision

Win-Win Resolve’s™ vision is to bring the benefits of early conflict resolution long enjoyed by large corporations and governmental agencies to mid-size and smaller organizations. These benefits include saved time and money and strengthened compliance programs. By partnering with an organization’s legal, HR and compliance functions, Win-Win Resolve provides clients with a customizable conflict management system that involves attorney-client privileged legal assessments and multiple avenues to address legal and non-legal issues that are received.

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Conflict & Compliance Solutions

Large corporations and organizations have long known the benefits of internal conflict and compliance programs. Now, with the turn-key Win-Win Resolve™ programs, even smaller and mid-sized employers can more easily see benefits similar to those experienced by the General Electric Company, the Department of Energy, which saved $1.3 million by mediating workplace disputes, or the U.S. Postal Service, which saw a 40 percent decline in the number of employees who filed a new EEO complaint after it implemented an internal mediation program.

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Training & Development

Developed by a team of employment attorneys, corporate counsel and education specialists, Win-Win Resolve’s “off the shelf” training courses and workshops are designed to give your employees the practical communication, conflict management and leadership skills necessary to prevent and manage workplace conflict. These courses assist in creating a culture of conflict competence and compliance – where employees who experience workplace conflict or compliance concerns feel comfortable raising their concerns internally, knowing they will be dealt with respectfully and responsibly.

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