Promoting Skills, Compliance & Trusted Protocols


Win-Win Resolve™ helps organizations customize how they address workplace conflict and compliance concerns.  Through process improvements and enhancements, we improve productivity and workforce satisfaction by minimizing the impact of discord and conflict.

Win-Win Resolve™ brings the benefits of early conflict resolution processes and skill development that have long been enjoyed by large corporations and governmental agencies to mid-size and single-site organizations.  This service involves creating and implementing protocols (or absorbing them as a vendor) that increase legal compliance efforts, reduce liability risk and talent losses, and minimize the distractions related to addressing inter-personal friction and employee misconduct.

Organizational conflict can debilitate a company or a team. It undermines business efforts and interferes with job performance, motivation and productivity. Unaddressed conflict can lead to absenteeism, vandalism, degraded decisional quality and often, a loss of investment in a skilled employee that suffers from the “I don’t care anymore” attitude. Too often, unaddressed conflict can also lead to discrimination, harassment, retaliation or whistleblower lawsuits, as well as poor publicity.

By partnering with an organization’s legal, HR and compliance functions, Win-Win Resolve™ provides clients with a customizable conflict management system that involves attorney-client privileged legal assessments and multiple avenues to address legal and non-legal issues that are received. Additionally, our training programs and workshops help your employees and managers develop the skills they need to better manage workplace conflict.

Founded by a former General Counsel with a Fortune 100 company, Win-Win Resolve™ fills a critical niche.  In this era of increasing regulation and whistleblower protections, employers recognize the need to have robust complaint mechanisms in place for employee concerns.  Of more critical importance, however, is having a well-developed process that is trusted by employees for resolving the concerns received.



About Founder Lorene Schaefer


Win-Win Resolve™ founder and managing partner, Lorene Schaefer, has over 23-years of experience, including 14-years as in-house counsel at the General Electric Company.    

At GE, she was a key member of the team that helped roll out the pilot program of GE’s internal dispute resolution program in the 1990’s.  Over the course of her 14-year career at GE, Lorene continued to provide advice and counsel regarding litigation, compliance and GE’s internal dispute resolution program and was promoted into legal roles of increasing responsibility.  Those roles included General Counsel of GE’s Transportation business in Erie, PA, Senior Counsel at GE Energy in Atlanta, GA, Senior Counsel at GE Healthcare in Waukesha, WI and Litigation Counsel at GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati, OH.

As such, Lorene has first hand experience with the challenges of establishing an effective and trusted internal employee complaint and management program.   Drawing on that experience, she developed a turn-key internal dispute resolution program called Win-Win Resolve™.  Using this turn-key program, even smaller and mid-sized employers can more easily see benefits similar to those experienced by large organizations like the Department of Energy, which saved $1.3 million by mediating workplace disputes or the U.S. Postal Service, which saw a 40 percent decline in the number of employees who filed a new EEO complaint after it implemented an internal mediation program.

Lorene grew up in farm country in Southern Indiana and attended college on a full-academic scholarship.  She is a proud member of the Mother of Twins Club, Where God Chooses the Members, having raised twin daughters who are college graduates and on to bigger and better things.  She is also mother to a son who still lives at home and (at least occasionally) likes to kayak and ride bikes with her.   When she’s not helping solve workplace conflict and her son isn’t available to hang out, you can often find Lorene in her home studio where she creates mixed-media artwork using vintage and antique materials.

Lorene ‘s EEOC Testimony

Lorene was 1 of 7 attorneys invited to provide suggestions to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) for improving investigation and conciliation processes. Click here to read it.



Paralegal Team & Staff

Our paralegals and staff are trained to help administer Internal Dispute Resolution processes and to implement client-designated resolution protocols.  Supervised by collaborating attorneys, Win-Win Resolve™ ensures that employee-generated concerns are received professionally and promptly in order to maximize response times and to facilitate appropriate responses.  Further, by partnering with a staffing agency for temp-to-permanent placements, we remain poised to deepen our bench of professionals as our clients also grow so that there is seamless integration with our clients’ acquisitions and as other corporations retain our services.